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NOTE: THIS IS AN EARLY PLAYABLE PROTOTYPE. Expect lots of bugs, sub-par performance on weak machines, an unfinished roster of enemies, weapons, and levels, and lots of bugs. Seriously, there will be bugs.

The year is 2200 (or thereabouts), and the most popular extreme sport of the day is Mayhem, where players compete to massacre legions of disposable robots in the flashiest way possible. Outfitted with magnetic-powered enhancement armor and an array of twinarms (gunblade-style half-melee-half-projectile weapons), you step into the stadium to slaughter what you can before the clock winds down to zero.

Combining elements of stylish action games, fast-paced third person shooters, and parkour-driven platforming, Mayhem League will test your creativity and reflexes as you slash, shoot, dive, flip and slide through wave after wave of enemies.

- Deep and complex melee combat with branching combo trees, command-driven special attack and finishers, and a unique cancel-stocking system that lets you interrupt attack animations and resume them on demand to stitch together disparate combo attacks.

- Skill-driven gunplay with memorizable recoil patterns, timing-based quick reloads, bullet-time slow motion shots, and a balanced range-based damage output system that rewards successful shots from great distances and enables auto-aiming to be incorporated into melee combos (at a cost)

- Run along walls, grind down rails, or use your armor's rocket boots to fly along the ground at high speeds. Catch air off quarterpipes, power-slide around corners on your knees, and double-jump and hover over lava pits, around floating mines, and past laser traps as you navigate an ever-changing arena in search of the next fight.

- Grab enemies out of the air and swing them around like weapons. Perform tricks with your additional hangtime. Throw your half-empty magazine like a grenade. Performing well rewards you with additional abilities unlocked in real-time.


Mayhem League [Prototype v0.2] 281 MB


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